Exciting News!

Our Mother of Confidence has hired a Young Adult to develop a PARISH YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY!

INTRODUCING STEPHEN WILLIAMS OMC Young Adult Coordinator – swilliams@omcsandiego.org

Stephen’s Welcome Message HERE!


– College Age (18-25)
– 20s and 30s
– 30 Somethings (30s and early 40s)

Details COMING SOON on how to get involved as well as how the SAN DIEGO CATHOLIC ADULT COMMUNITY will be helping!

SAN DIEGO CATHOLIC ADULT COMMUNITY –  at Our Mother of Confidence!

Our Mother of Confidence is working with several local parishes providing Activities and a Social Network for Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed Catholics to meet!

    • College Age (18-25) 
    • Young Adults (20s and 30s)
    • 30 “Somethings” (30s and early 40s)
  • Adult Community
    • Adult Community (35+)
    • Age Brackets more info
  • ACTIVE 60s Plus

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